​Experiences, not stuff!

Do you ever ask yourself what is the most important thing you have taught your children?
Or what is the value that characterizes you so much that when friends think of you they say "aha, of course she is ......".

We mothers of Lake Como Food Tours often ask ourselves, as soon as we are able to catch our breath, stop and ... think, just for a moment! How would we like to be identified and remembered?

For our joy,  passion,  determination,  love and deep respect for nature, our love for good and genuine food, better if prepared together. But also the importance we believe courage has, the power of dreams, that "nothing is impossible if you believe in it". The profound beauty of the world and of the human being. Here this is how we would like to be perceived by friends, relatives. These are the messages we are transmitting to our children. If they harvest what we have been seeding for years ... we will see.

Of one thing, however, I am sure. This, they have understood well, metabolized and perhaps even begun to appreciate it. How do I know? I listened "by mistake" to an exchange between my two preadolescent children the other day.

What is the precious teaching?" Give experiences, not stuff."

Give away trips, discussions, culture, stories, laughter, music, theater. And time together.

What were my otherwise taciturn children saying? They were wondering with a touch of trepidation in their voice where we would have brought them the day of Christmas Eve.

I know that all December 24 spent together, doing things that really the whole family like, away from shopping and the pre-Christmas crowd, will be a treasure that they will take with them all their lives.

And you?  What experiences do you give away?