7 Reasons to Visit Lake Como in the Winter

photo: Gravedona ed Uniti, Lake Como / Flickr C. Abernethy
Don’t overlook visiting Lake Como in the winter, there is a completely different aspect of Lake Como to discover from November to February.

#1 Snow Capped Alps
The absolute #1 reason to come to Lake Como during the winter months of November, December and January is to see the snow peaked mountaintops of the Alps. The air is crisp, the silvery winter light reflects off the shimmering water and the scene is more stunning than any postcard could illustrate.

#2 Less tourists (& less traffic)

The road to Colico, Lake Como/ Flickr Italy Photos

Lake Como is popular with both local and international tourists in the summer, thus slowing down the normal road traffic. It is an absolute pleasure driving along the curvy roads of Lake Como looking out to the lake. Contrary to popular belief, Italians are actually very good drivers!

#3 Romance

Closely related to reason #2, romance is enhanced during the winter season on Lake Como. Hotels and restaurants pay more attention to their guests and their needs.  Less tourists means that the romantic dinner you planned will very likely be the romantic dinner you planned. A winter boat cruise followed by dinner at a local farm-stay could very well be the answer.

#4 Wine, Cheese and Pizzoccheri

Valtelinese speciality Pizzocchieri/ Flickr Italy Photos

Ok, while we’re on the subject of dinner, let’s talk about the food. Warm soups, toasted polenta, locally produced wines and cheeses are on the menu. Pizzoccheri a local pasta dish made with buckwheat flour, Casera cheese and cabbage, is a “must try” when visiting us in Lombardy. Accompanied by a Valtellinese red wine such as Sassella, you will kiss your fingertips!

#5 Skiing & Snowboarding

Piani di Bobbio /Wikimedia Fiorenzo

Only those “in the know”, know about Lake Como skiing! Piani di Bobbio, L’Alpe Cimbra, Livigno and Cervinia, Madesimo and Santa Caterina di Valfurva are all resorts within driving distance of our Lake Como towns.

#6 Hiking & Biking

Throughout the mountain ranges of this area, we have trails, ancient merchant roads and paths. Suitable for all levels of ability, you can discover the region with one of our professional hiking guides who will share the magic of the area. Bike rides with electrically assisted pedaling take you through Lombardy wine country, with strategic stops along the way.    😉

#7 Christmas Markets & Shopping

Como Christmas Festival and Market / Flickr Italy Photos

Christmas starts in November with festive Christmas markets, nativity scenes and decorations. La Città dei Balocchi (named after Pinocchio’s Land of Fools) is a colorful light display projected directly onto the cathedral and the surrounding 18th century buildings in the main square of Piazza Duomo, Como. The city of Lecco hosts a village craft market and an outdoor ice skating rink during the winter months. The city boutiques and local merchant associations compete for best light displays, creating a festive atmosphere all throughout the town center.

Take it from us; don’t overlook Lake Como in the winter. We will do everything we can to make your winter visit memorable and magical.

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