Life In Italy During Lockdown

An update from Lombardy

It’s now been 5 weeks since schools have closed in Lombardy, Italy and 3 weeks since we went into full lockdown.

We feel we are the Yodas of this quarantine, ready to dispense advice to the rest of the world…

At first, I was one of those who said it was just a flu… but it did not last long.

The first cases in Lodi did not scare us too much at the beginning because they were locked down and we felt secure.

But then the virus spread onto the Bergamo and Brescia areas, which have had the worst part as of now. Within Lombardy, Bergamo and Brescia are the most industrial ones, with a universe of small businesses and a lot of high export businesses and multinationals which excel in sectors like manufacturing, mechanics and textile. It is a zero unemployment area.

Lake Como has not had many cases if compared to other areas of Lombardy, so we feel secure.

However we still have to be very diligent and admire our lake from our windows for now!

The fun loving spirit of Italians lives on even in hard times

What Italians Can Teach

It’s  now been 3 weeks since full lockdown.

So please listen to Italians.

We know how you will feel in 3 weeks time. Because that it is how we feel now.

My 85 year old mother in law, the eldest in our family, is our personal Yoda. She has been through the end of World War II and during Sunday lunches she frequently tells us about times in the Riviera (Liguria) when Loano was seized by partisans fighting the Nazis and not letting anyone out of their homes. And how they were starving and how they would strive to obtain some salt from sea water.

Is she scared of what is happening now? Not really, she is sailing through this, while doing her best to stay safe. Yesterday she told me she had ironed all that was possible to be ironed in the house… so now she is looking for something else to do!

So as we listen to our elders telling us this is not the worst they have seen in their lives, I implore you to please listen to the Italians.

  • Italians who are staying safely locked down
  • Italians who are volunteering to help the elderly
  • Italians who lost their jobs but are still raising tons of money for their hospitals
  • Italians who are inventing ways to share a ventilator among 2 patients
  • Italians who are quickly transforming factories to produce masks
  • Italians who are spending more time than ever in their kitchens
  • Italians who are eating way too many carbs
  • Italians who are opening their windows
  • Italians who are organising aperitivo times between balconies
  • Italians who are singing loud

Italians Who Have Hope in the Future

We will see the end of this, it will not be by Easter time, but we are positive it will be before summer. And we will be able to go and swim in our beautiful lakes and seas to regenerate.

Working from home during lockdown

Lake Como Food Tours

At LakeComoFoodTours, we are working hard on keeping close to tour guides and suppliers. They all are our family. We chat, we share. We learn. We are doing tons of webinars and online courses to come back stronger than ever.

We are working on season 2021 on ways to help you sell and allow your customers to still plan their dream holiday without having to cancel but  simply postpone it. In the meantime, we will send through content to share with your clients and friends, in order to help them dream of Lake Como!

We are lucky because we all live by Lake Como and our lake and mountains embrace us every day of our lives.

We would like to share this luck and, before you decide to come and visit, in the next weeks we will share the beauties of Lake Como and the quality of our tours as best as we can.

So do you like Lake Como?

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