Our first steps

Monday has been day 1 of phase 2 in Italy.

Unlike other countries, lockdown here has been very strict: for 2 months we have not been allowed to leave our homes except for working, which was a privilege for a few, as all white collars have been limited to smart working.

So imagine what it means for us to be free to exit and take a walk.

Yes, we are wearing masks.

Yes, we are keeping social distancing.

But who cares? At least we are out!

My tour guides and I have enthusiastically launched a new video series called “ We want to break free” to show all our followers what we are able to see and experience during our first walk out… can you imagine being so happy for just the FREEDOM of taking a walk?

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This helps me put everything in perspective: and I’m asking myself “WHAT’S NEXT?”

Well, the sun on my face, some breeze and the sight of our mountains and of other people make me so happy that I can’t help being optimistic for the future. Am I crazy? Not really. Yes, 2020 will be remembered as the disaster of international tourism and Lake Como, of all destinations, will be one of the most impacted.

However WANDERLUST is part of our DNA. We need travelling… remember Ulysses/Odysseus and the Pillars of Hercules? Experiencing the unknown has always been part of human nature and this is not going to change.

Covid-19 is like a big injection of uncertainty and the latter is the worst virus for any economy. People fear the future and postpone investments and plans of travel. But it is only a postponement.

When I hear experts saying that nothing will be the same I feel my back hair rising. How dare you? Yes, probably tourism will be rethought in some ways, overtourism will finally be hit, some retargeting will be needed. But my very personal opinion is that all this fear and uncertainty will only make us desire to soon go back to normality and to the sense of invincibility we had before. And to travel again.

As Lake Como Food Tours, I can tell you for sure we are here for the long term. We’ll be here in 2021, taking care of people coming to Lake Como.

And in the meantime what can we do is join efforts to seed people’s desire to travel. Let us help our people dream and feel the sense of freedom a journey can give them.

As soon as they are ready, we’ll be here for you and for them!