The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Dear friends,

How are you all? At the beginning of this Covid situation, everybody was worried about Italy and asking how we were (thank you!) and suggesting we stayed safe...

As pandemic spread, we have started asking the same things to friends all over the world, from Europe to the US.

Now it is probably the time to ask us all: “What’s next?”

Finally, cases are decreasing and the situation seems more under control both in Italy and in other countries… and we see the light at the end of the tunnel…

Our government extended our quarantine till May 3rd, which is mainly aimed at stabilizing the curve and preventing us from letting our guard down and moving to our vacation houses in Sardinia or Liguria or Puglia in the second half of April. You may not know that we have festivities on April 25th (Liberation day, the end of Nazi occupation) and May 1st (Labor Day) which normally coincide with all of us taking our cars or a flight to spend a long weekend away, enjoy the first hot weather and maybe a first dive in the sea!


Ok, this will have to wait some more time, but we are happy nonetheless for the improvement of the situation!

Our government also formed a task force of businessmen and economists headed by Mr Vittorio Colao, former CEO at Vodafone. We are confident that this team will be able to negotiate what’s best for our country in terms of gradual reopening in the next weeks and months.

This week all activities related to forestry, computer production and garden maintenance activities reopened. Which means that the beautiful gardens of Lake Como's villas will keep their magical atmosphere! Well’ soon be out smelling the spring air!

Bookshops and kids apparel shops reopened too, to make life easier to those still at home.

In the next 3 weeks most factories will reopen (some of them never closed and converted their production to support the emergency) while offices will probably do so more gradually, as smart working is proving to be quite efficient for many!

Yes, we will be wearing masks, improving some safety measures in public spaces and avoiding big gatherings to keep up with some levels of #socialdistancing, but we are ready to enter phase 2, which makes me feel elated, full of energy and ready for the new challenges ahead of us!

And you, how do you feel?